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I’m back

So in my last update I think I mentioned I wanted to get a post of my book up or something like that. Can’t really remember, it’s been a while. One of the reasons I wanted to post something big was because I knew that over the next week I would have no time. I was away for several days with no internet (the horror) and through the first week I had a million things to do for work, and worked 5 days 7am-10/11pm. Hey, I love it, but sweet mama I got tired.

The week after (this week I suppose) then I had a “post-production-blues” where nothing is right in the world. It’s not a fun feeling and theres no easy way out of it. I called upon some old friends and they helped a bit but I think i average 1.5 hours sleep for the last 6 days whilst still having to do all my normal daily duties and my brain did not function. I tried writing a little bit but it was completely dreadful. It hasn’t been a fun week. Saturday hit and I sat down and played Rocket League for about 15 hours and I can honestly say it felt nice to relax.

I worked it out that it’s my first proper day off since early-mid February. Well I slept better last night and I know that by the end of today I want to have chapter one complete. It probably won’t be and it’s still the first draft. Once that’s done then I’m going to release 2 or 3 parts of it to here.

Important to Note: I will carry on with this site again now. I know (as per) that it’s slow and not much gets put up, but once it gets going then it will pick up more. Life is a balancing act and my maculae don’t work properly it seems.

Oh final note. I’ve been watching Weezy Waiter (well i have for years but he said something that i related to). He likes to try and be creative and always be doing different things but he struggles with time. So the way he’s solving this is by doing exercise as well. It sounds daft adding more things to do in the day, but it does make you feel better as well as gets your creative juices pumped. Hopefully. Well I’ll try it with fingers crossed.

It is nice to be back – hopefully I’ll do better this time.



Time and Website Update 1

Hi. Me again. So my last blog post I mentioned I wanted to get something up on Tuesday if I didn’t get to right on Friday and my God has time passed too quickly for my brain. I did actually write a bit though the lack of posting hurt my heart so I tried to get a character profile for ‘Borke’, my protagonist.

It actually went well and I got the base line of it done, however the way I need it compared to the way it will be for here is a bit different. Ok I’ll explain as best I can. *ahem* they way I have it is almost like a Q&A or job application sheet. A nice long list of some questions, some that seem painfully dumb and obvious, however others which make you scratch your (my) head and wonder how much lore I will need to take note of by adding it.

But that is needed, right!? I love having all the information written down so that I don’t have to think in the long run. My memory is bad at the best of times, so these ‘obvious’ bits will 100% definitely be forgotten.

When I then decide I want to put it up on here. I can’t use that word page. a) it’s full of spoilers. b) A lot of it is shit that no one really needs to know about the character and c) It looks like arse. Meaning that I prefer it in a descriptive paragraph on here rather than a check list.

I just want to say, that I know that I do a lot of updates, blogs and All-round-nothing-that-I-really-want-to-do on here, but I really struggle with time and anyone out there that has created a world knows how much there is to sort out, and anyone that’s created a website knows how much there is to sort out. It WILL get there. One day a few decades in the future I’ll look back at this and laugh at me being worried that I hadn’t posted much. By that time I would hope to have written at least 2 chapters of my book too… er… wut.



Borke Book

So I’m keeping this (relatively) short because it’s an update not a blog and I’m about to rush off!

But exciting announcement, for me at least. I’ve officially started working on my first short book. I don’t want to give too many details in terms of plot just yet but this is set in the 4th age. Way before my planned main novels.

It follows a character called Borke, who is part of a species that I’ve been building up a little bit. Again not too many details just yet. I now have 500 words, give or take, it’ll be a simple story giving a kind of snap shot into the mentality of this species without any major world issue happening (like a war), but it will effect the village and probably country/species relationships a lil’ bit.

I know this was like the worst update as I’ve basically said “heres a thing you cant know anything about” but I promise that once I get 1000-2000 words I’ll release a snippet and as it goes on I can give more information


Crowke Update 2

Finally managed to dig some spare time, though the list of emails I need to send is getting longer. Work is hard.

So this is a screen grab, rather than a HD export, but work with what we got, eh?

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 14.10.13

There are 4 main additions since the previous update.

  1. The North
  2. The East
  3. The Centre
  4. The Roads

Up north I’ve created a really simple grid layout, it’s surrounding the castle and so it couldn’t be slummy, as well as already having two areas of slum, I wanted to make the city have an appealing area. These houses would be comfortable for a large family though in the North East it’s packed tighter, they are still large enough for a small household of 2 or 3 people. The weird shape just to the lower right of the castle is the Main Market, it made sence to keep it near the warehouses and I quite liked the strange but large space it has.

In the East we have large buildings, which is warehouses – meat, fruit, fish, wines, etc. There will be a few big warehouses for Wood, metal and Stone down South (Get to that in a minute). The smaller buildings in the east are small-medium houses, though only a small amount.

Moving West, we have the Government building, it is enormous in size and it’s built and decorated with expensive metals and stones. It has certain living areas for the highest ranked citizens and their slaves, but it is mostly empty other than for meetings. I wanted to make it seem big. The city, Crowke, is important to an -as of yet unnamed- city, and it’s a huge multicultural society. It is based at the edge of the Kingdom and at any given point there is 80’000 people living here, with thousands more passing through or temporarily staying for trade. Adding to my to-do list for it, I also want to make small town or villages nearby. I will probably skip drawing in the buildings for a while now as I want to move on to other things before my interest wanes.


Crowke Map Update

Right so i’ll dive right into it! I haven’t posted anything because I’ve been working on something I had hoped would be pretty quick, but instead I got way too involved in it. Originally this was just going to be a test piece as I plan to do something similar for any major cities that will effect the story – primarily ones that will appear in the book.

So far I’ve done the bare basics of making it look any good, and I will be adding a slight bit of colour, as well as a key and of course finishing the city layout. I’m pretty psyched as it is though, currently there are 300 buildings inside the wall, not including the market or castle. I’ll post the pic and then go into more detail!


Here is a small screenshot of the template lines.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 22.57.20

I’ll bullet point the next stages and then after talk in detail about them!

  1. I need to finish adding in the buildings.
  2. I need to re-add the roads, as I recently decided to alter the layout a wee bit.
  3. I need to do the overlay for the river in the bottom right, as well as the cliffs.
  4. Add in my colour, probably mostly green.

I am fully aware that this map is not the best you’ll ever see of a fantasy city, and I do not know how easy it will be to see any detail. This is my first attempt at doing something like this and I followed THIS TUTORIAL for the map (I would honestly recommend this page to anyone who wants to draw maps, everything is simplified but not patronising). I sort of became aware a few hours in that I should do a larger scale and focus more on the city itself, rather than the terrain around it.

Being blunt, there is a ton that I would change if I did it again, however 1st try it ain’t too shabby, and I would hope they will only get better and faster! Right, so onto the 4 point list in rambly detail. (This isn’t even the finished version yet so imagine how long this post COULD have been….)

  1. I need to finish adding in the buildings. Speaks for itself a little bit. What I mean though is I have created small areas and the city will have various sections. In the centre I will have a temple, larger than the castle though around the size of the castle with the walls around it. The buildings are extremely time consuming and creating a working layout where you can look at the map and be able to navigate from point A to point B without getting too lost is the objective. In the North West, there is a gap which is the Military Barracks, the streets are slightly wider to allow soldiers to move in/out quickly. That main district is really a huge slummy area with the thick end of 70 houses with taverns etc mixed in. There isn’t a market near there, and there are a lot of houses in a small space. The advantage of this area over the other main section is it’s relatively safe, being right next to the army – criminals hang around there less. To the East there is the North Gate. Each gate has a inner section, where visitors to the city will get searched, and they aren’t fully in yet to cause much concern if they flip off or get discovered for illegal activity.  East of the North Gate, there is the next section. In terms of living conditions it’s also relatively slummy, though better than the NW corner, here they have access to a small market. To their south there will be a temple. You can see by its size that religion is a large part of this city, and the amount of army stations around (unseen on the map really), then it’s also a city ready for war. Just quickly: That weird black dot is the government meeting room and the strange square with a dot in will be a Jail, though thats likely to change to a large market. The East will have larger houses and will look less cramped, towards the south the houses will be middle sizes. I also want to add a fish warehouse and another market in the east.
  2. I need to re-add the roads. Yes… I did a dumb and put the roads on the wrong layer and so i’ve scrapped them to put in again. The bright side to this is I can properly edit them to fit my new buildings I want to add. The small roads that you can only just see are actually added in after. Like I said before – I like making this network and one thing I’ve added to this city is a little maze of roads where it is a bit complicated, almost like dark back alleys where it’s easy to get lost. It hasn’t worked perfectly because I made the map resolution and the city size itself wayyy to small. I think for that reason alone then this city can’t be the most important one. I’m thinking of making it “Crowke” In one of my planned stories then a character is from here and I will probably use it a few times as a go-to place, without making a thing of it. Not to mention this is still early stages so there’s nothing stopping me doing a closer version of the city!
  3. I need to do the overlay for the river in the bottom right, as well as the cliffs. So if you don’t know what that is, it’s the way you make the map slightly darker for the forests, rivers cliffs and shadows. I kinda completely forgot to do the river because I was being a technophobe when I got to it and then it skipped my brain… The Cliff will come later. As I also said, shadows are a thing. You can see the start of them around my forest but as the guide says- without fades then it looks a bit pants. I do have the problem of not having a tablet, though I’m looking into this now and seeing how much money I’ve saved up for a rainy day.
  4. Add colour, probably green. So once everything is done then it has to be coloured. The tutorial guy seems to hate the colouring as is, though I do like its rustic feel. Though once you see how much adding the green hue changes it you suddenly see why he likes it. It’s pretty much the last step of the map and so at this rate I’ll get there in a few more days. I don’t want to spend too long on this map as I know it wont be perfect as I want it and I like doing more than one thing – but I am also a bit obsessive… Ah well lets see how it is by Monday.

I will post a little better now. I enjoy putting stuff on here, but I didn’t want to spam ‘nothing’ updates and empty promises, so this is my way of proving something is being done. Not to mention FIRST THING ON HERE YAY!