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Crowke: Human City

Crowke is an relatively new city, built in 37294 – Fourth Age. The population reached almost 100’000, though through the trading season it tends to reach 125’000 people, including soldiers there are almost 140’000 people at most inside the city in trading season. Although buildings and farmland are not officially directly outside Crowke, small towns and villages have sprung up around nearby, several inside the forests, and a few miles down the road. Notably in the South East on top of the cliffs, a large village sits on the edge of the River Gwan, this is where Elprentis grew up.


For the populous, the city size is relatively small and no buildings are allowed within one mile outside the wall, including the harbour, which is the main source of food, bar trade. Crowke came into vast wealth by it’s large mining areas in the cliffs, the easy for trade ships to stop by, the large temple, which is visible to the naked eye, even when the rest of the city is over the horizon.

It also benefits by having a relatively high stream of slaves coming through – as it’s a key city, between the main war front and the main cities. With the third largest arena in the world, and an abundance of prisoners coming through, there are games or demonstrations every few days.

The city is open to diversity, hosting over 50 different species, with the surrounding provinces rarely being a single species.

The City has 4 major sites;
The Castle is directly owned by the King though because of rare visits, many rooms and gardens are open to the public.
The Government ‘Officials’ house is also owned by the King, the building is constructed of rare stones and metals, striking a bright and colourful shine down the hill it is located, inside the Cities officials meet, the courtroom and citizen request areas are also used every day, most of the building is off limits to the public.
The Temple is the highest point in the country, third highest in the Kingdom. This too is made of rare stones, wood and metals though is a dark red opposed to the Officials which is gold and blue. Inside the public gardens and rooms are large and open, though certain devout followers of Rhane, the God of War and Weather, have access to the back rooms, which are small and humble in comparison.
The largest attraction is the Arena and Prison. The arena hosts executions and fighting every few days, whilst music, plays and speeches are often played there. This means that there is always something interesting going on. The fights are either large tournaments, one of the largest in the world, which are held at least once a year for volunteers from around the world to compete. Smaller versions of this are repeated throughout the year. Usually the fighting is between such people as criminals or war prisoners sentenced to death.

In times of peace, there are approximately 15’000 soldiers inside the city walls. This is the largest host of soldiers in a city, over any Human Empire. 5 barracks are within 2 days march, each with 2’000 soldiers ready to march. Crowke spreads the soldiers around the training ground in the North West, the Castle and each of the Gates.Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 12.01.36