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Oh, I will sound repetitive soon.

I’m actually feeling quite down with how little lore i’ve built up since creating this site, not to mention the tiny amount i’ve uploaded. I’ve mostly stuck to my aim of updating daily (I said weekly but I’m obsessive, sucks to be me). I have around 900 words of my short book written, not including going over it and making changes and I’ve not even played my darling rocket league recently.

“Why?” I hear no one ask. Well it’s because I have done more work the last week than I have for the rest of April. It’s really piled up. And then in my free time I’ve recently rejoined an old forum I was part of. I like to change pace every now and then, even in small ways.

What about weekends Lemwa? You have them free though, everyone is free on weekends. Well first off, imaginary interviewer, stop assuming people don’t work weekends, but secondly and more importantly then I have stupid social meetings. I hate social meetings, but I have to do them every now and then. I managed to escape them through March almost completely, because I was going overboard with work (I REALLY like working), followed by a nice holiday. So now this month I don’t get a holiday, I get to be social *insert sad smily here*.

well anyway. It’s now a Friday evening. I should be heading home from work a few hours ago. I need to have some down time, but hopefully i can get a bit of book written. My aim next week is to upload another piece of Lore to the site, outlining the Character profile of my protagonist (based on the start of the book). And I will also work on some 4th age lore too, as that’s when this book is set and so far I’ve kept it a nice clean slate for me to vomit imagination onto.

Failing my ability to write today then I’ll definitely put something worthwhile up on here on Tuesday. I refuse to give up being active on here, but I also don’t want to only spam empty promises. Though I’m guessing that if you actually read my stuff then that’s what you’re here for as there’s fuck all else on this site so far. heh.



How do YOU write?

This is a question I ask myself, and if anyone cares to answer that’d be awesome too. Let me expand a little bit though…

I find it super-duper easy to waffle on these blog posts. I can hit 1000 words without having to try really, what I want to say has a point and I say get to the point as many times as possible whilst letting my brain run wild and sometimes I think my fingers just type words and my brain reads what they put and just nods to it saying “yeah, that’ll do, I guess…” But Blog type posts compared to maybe a more concise update (as I call it) or writing a review or y’know… a book,  is very different. They’re all different to each other. When I do my short updates I try to maybe make bullet points of what needs to be said and then right a small paragraph – say 2 to 5 sentences – for each of the bullet points.

I’ve never done a proper review, though I plan to start, just I don’t read as much as I’d like anymore, and I’ve recently wasted my time away in Rocket League, K-On! and I’ve just started Death Note. Y’all need yer relaxation, yo. But then the reviews and stuff is for another day, I’ll think on that one more, as I would be so inconsistent with how much I could do with them.

I went off topic again, sorry. *ahem* well Books. This is the thing that gets me. I love writing my books, I’m now at 900 words, for those that care for a snippet.

But as I see it, I have two separate ways I can approach this writing malarkey. I can sit down and spew words and then hope it makes sence or at worst, I understand it when I re-read it so I can edit it to be correct. Or I can get a bit of my lore and work my story slowly and carefully. If I do the first, then I tend to waffle or go on tangents that aren’t needed but if I do the other way it’s a really slow process and I get like 50-100 words an hour. So there IS a balance. I need to find it, but I am curious to what would go through anyone elses mind when they sit down to write. Specific conditions needed? Need any information or do you go with the flow? Music or film helps get you in the mood? Anything really.

For me I like having music on that I can play loudly without distracting me, meaning anthems are a bit of a no-go, and I like to have all my information around me for if I need it but I’ll probably not look at it. Indeed I more often than not probably end up writing a bit and then want to write up the lore about that, even this story I was close to not starting cause I can write about the backstories and the world all day, but in a story everything has to have a point . I’m also 90% sure that I use commas too much in my book but we’ll see.


Oh the irony…

I must be the only person who has less time on the weekends and evenings than they do when they need to actually be working. I read a recent post, TIME. It was a nice read but it questions when you have time and how to find time. At first I sort of scoffed to myself that I always have time to do it, but the last few days – and lack of actually getting down to write because SO MUCH LORE AHHH – made me realise how important these sort of questions are.

So I analysed when I had time to write, and I had a lot of time to write, but I have no inspiration in those times. I get truly hyped and passionate about things when my brain is working already – I don’t have the mental ability to psych myself up into something if I’ve not already got my foot on the accelerator.

Like yesterday was my first day off in approximately 2 months (out of choice, I really like being active even though I seem to be lazy). It would have been a great time to write – but I had spent a long time on that Crowke map (Go check it out!) and I was a bit frazzled. Genuinely I had reached a point where I didnt want to continue because I didn’t think I could keep up work, family, activities, friends relaxing AND writing AND lore.

I was in a fortunate position that one of my friends is also into writing and a “writing call” was set up on skype and it kicked me back into a gear, not a high gear, but I’m no longer stalled. He suggested I write a little bit of a short story and if I get stuck then go back to lore. So announcement *ahem* I finally started my short stories. I’ll do a post about it when I have more, as well as an update but those are for places I try not to ramble or be “honest” and try to be factual. So in way too many words I’ll explain longly about it now.

My plan is to make short Novels or Novellas. Several of them, dotted around the ages. i have several reasons for this. 1) I can explain some history in more detail now, like this first story is set in the 4th age following my own species. It’ll expand on the species in question, but also the world in its current state. The characters may (in any given story) do something that effects the opinions of species to species or conflicts that take greater effect on my aimed 5-set-trilogy… I think I explained that well. Basically Its like I can build up the lore in a legitimate way and not just on here, whilst also on here in probably more “official” detail.

The other reason is its a good way to test waters. Does my world building work, advertising it to the right places. The blunt honesty is of course that you need to build an audience to like your books, and one of the best ways to do that is by writing as many books that people like as you can – meaning several shorter stories will attract more attention than releasing one big book that noone knows or cares about. I still stand by Tessa Violet. It’s not a bad thing to want success – just don’t be arrogant and try achieving it without being a dick.

Short story long… Take that and switch it around… actually, knowing me then I said it correct the first time. It’s now 1:30am and I need to be up at 7:00 but unlike the last few days of lazing around on Rocket League, then Im back up to writing my blog. I regret not posting here the last few days, indeed I’ve missed a bunch of Blogs because I did updates and an actual page instead. I want to post every day. I want to interact with other wordpressers and authors and creative people, but time is just a killer. I think when I have a solid 1000 words that I’m happy with for this book I’ll introduce my first ‘snippet’ of say 250 words. Or y’know, something like that.

Which reminds me I need to make a page for snippets…


Crowke Map Update

Right so i’ll dive right into it! I haven’t posted anything because I’ve been working on something I had hoped would be pretty quick, but instead I got way too involved in it. Originally this was just going to be a test piece as I plan to do something similar for any major cities that will effect the story – primarily ones that will appear in the book.

So far I’ve done the bare basics of making it look any good, and I will be adding a slight bit of colour, as well as a key and of course finishing the city layout. I’m pretty psyched as it is though, currently there are 300 buildings inside the wall, not including the market or castle. I’ll post the pic and then go into more detail!


Here is a small screenshot of the template lines.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 22.57.20

I’ll bullet point the next stages and then after talk in detail about them!

  1. I need to finish adding in the buildings.
  2. I need to re-add the roads, as I recently decided to alter the layout a wee bit.
  3. I need to do the overlay for the river in the bottom right, as well as the cliffs.
  4. Add in my colour, probably mostly green.

I am fully aware that this map is not the best you’ll ever see of a fantasy city, and I do not know how easy it will be to see any detail. This is my first attempt at doing something like this and I followed THIS TUTORIAL for the map (I would honestly recommend this page to anyone who wants to draw maps, everything is simplified but not patronising). I sort of became aware a few hours in that I should do a larger scale and focus more on the city itself, rather than the terrain around it.

Being blunt, there is a ton that I would change if I did it again, however 1st try it ain’t too shabby, and I would hope they will only get better and faster! Right, so onto the 4 point list in rambly detail. (This isn’t even the finished version yet so imagine how long this post COULD have been….)

  1. I need to finish adding in the buildings. Speaks for itself a little bit. What I mean though is I have created small areas and the city will have various sections. In the centre I will have a temple, larger than the castle though around the size of the castle with the walls around it. The buildings are extremely time consuming and creating a working layout where you can look at the map and be able to navigate from point A to point B without getting too lost is the objective. In the North West, there is a gap which is the Military Barracks, the streets are slightly wider to allow soldiers to move in/out quickly. That main district is really a huge slummy area with the thick end of 70 houses with taverns etc mixed in. There isn’t a market near there, and there are a lot of houses in a small space. The advantage of this area over the other main section is it’s relatively safe, being right next to the army – criminals hang around there less. To the East there is the North Gate. Each gate has a inner section, where visitors to the city will get searched, and they aren’t fully in yet to cause much concern if they flip off or get discovered for illegal activity.  East of the North Gate, there is the next section. In terms of living conditions it’s also relatively slummy, though better than the NW corner, here they have access to a small market. To their south there will be a temple. You can see by its size that religion is a large part of this city, and the amount of army stations around (unseen on the map really), then it’s also a city ready for war. Just quickly: That weird black dot is the government meeting room and the strange square with a dot in will be a Jail, though thats likely to change to a large market. The East will have larger houses and will look less cramped, towards the south the houses will be middle sizes. I also want to add a fish warehouse and another market in the east.
  2. I need to re-add the roads. Yes… I did a dumb and put the roads on the wrong layer and so i’ve scrapped them to put in again. The bright side to this is I can properly edit them to fit my new buildings I want to add. The small roads that you can only just see are actually added in after. Like I said before – I like making this network and one thing I’ve added to this city is a little maze of roads where it is a bit complicated, almost like dark back alleys where it’s easy to get lost. It hasn’t worked perfectly because I made the map resolution and the city size itself wayyy to small. I think for that reason alone then this city can’t be the most important one. I’m thinking of making it “Crowke” In one of my planned stories then a character is from here and I will probably use it a few times as a go-to place, without making a thing of it. Not to mention this is still early stages so there’s nothing stopping me doing a closer version of the city!
  3. I need to do the overlay for the river in the bottom right, as well as the cliffs. So if you don’t know what that is, it’s the way you make the map slightly darker for the forests, rivers cliffs and shadows. I kinda completely forgot to do the river because I was being a technophobe when I got to it and then it skipped my brain… The Cliff will come later. As I also said, shadows are a thing. You can see the start of them around my forest but as the guide says- without fades then it looks a bit pants. I do have the problem of not having a tablet, though I’m looking into this now and seeing how much money I’ve saved up for a rainy day.
  4. Add colour, probably green. So once everything is done then it has to be coloured. The tutorial guy seems to hate the colouring as is, though I do like its rustic feel. Though once you see how much adding the green hue changes it you suddenly see why he likes it. It’s pretty much the last step of the map and so at this rate I’ll get there in a few more days. I don’t want to spend too long on this map as I know it wont be perfect as I want it and I like doing more than one thing – but I am also a bit obsessive… Ah well lets see how it is by Monday.

I will post a little better now. I enjoy putting stuff on here, but I didn’t want to spam ‘nothing’ updates and empty promises, so this is my way of proving something is being done. Not to mention FIRST THING ON HERE YAY!


Slowly getting there

Right, so by now I had hoped to have at least something on just to show off my lore a little bit. I was so excited for it when I started this but clearly that’s not happened. I have a few excuses, but mostly it’s because I’ve been jotting down the way I want it and MY GOD it’s complex.

I was thinking of seperating UPDATES and Blog, so an update would be short and to the point with lots of info. A blog would be the rambles I do, but until I get enough to make it worth while, then I decided against that option.

The leaves me with (off the top of my head): Home, Map, History, Characters, cities, races/species, dictionary and a few more that I can’t think of. The bright side to this, is I can then actually start putting these categories up. This leaves me with the next two steps.

  1. I need to work out how I want to lay the pages. I’m thinking maybe have a “base” page for each category which can then lead off to the individual sections. E.G Characters – Main Characters – Kzidel. Though if I end up adding 30 characters that is a looottttt of space needed. So working on that, but looking positive.
  2. I also need to get content that is appealing. I think I’m going to put my first thing up in a few days, and I will probably also launch the Updates section too. For a quick spoiler I will put a screenshot of its progress at the bottom, it’s mostly a test piece but I really like it.

The other problem I constantly have, is I almost never have time. I work full time self employed and my work can drag me out the house at any hours, not including sitting in the office. I tend to write in the evenings or at the office, meaning if something is on then I just don’t have time. Most of my actual art and graphics will be done in the office, as the PC is more powerful.

Anyway, I’m off to make up a bit of the catagories! 😀


My first issue!

First things first – I will not update this much this often. It’s all getting started and so I want to keep posting everything.

Well, I’ve been away sorting other things out and finally sat down to lay out this site and put everything up! But oh my, where to even think of where I plan to start and what I will put up and how will it lay out and will it all link together?

I do have a huge amount, and I mean not like a million pages. But I have a notebook next to me thats already filled 45 pages, which might not sound like too much (oh god it is) but also it isn’t exactly in the most convenient order, some of its useful some of its garbage and all of it isn’t on a computor for me to copy and paste. Yes i’m lazy – but I really like paper and pen versions of everything. I feel it makes it more… authentic and official… I guess.

Well yeah, off track again there. So thats not to mention I also have the 100 words of dictionary, several maps (all but one are on the other PC gahhh).

I’ll list the files I have on this pc, so skip this paragraph if you dont care too much and want to just see what my plan is… I have a ‘General Lore’, like what even is that? where do you start putting that? Its just a dumping ground for me at the minute so all of that will have to wait till it has somewhere to go. I have 2 chracter profiles just for the protagonist of the first book. I made tem on seperate PCs when i forgot to transfer the files and they now have different information but all of it’s correct and accurate! “Human Money” that’s more or less scrapped now anyway from my word, and I havent opened it in a while *checks* yup the bulk of it is full of crap. 3 pages long it is and 90% of it’s useless. BUT that means 10% is useful and as I said in a previous post, I want to be able to keep all my workings as a nostalgic memoir thing, see the progression of my brain and whatnot. I’ll skip some files because time and energy, but I have the start of the Human history Timeline (may actually be one of my first major posts, as I really like it and its as good a start as anything else, right?) although it doesnt go through every year, and the first 10’000 years are skipped due to their non existance then I have 25000 years into the first age. Which is fine, except I’ve also written part of it as Human perspective and part of it MY perspective… Not to mention the stupid blunder I conjoured up a few days ago, to change the aging of Elves. I will go into more detail of all that in another post or on its own page, but they aren’t immortal but rather, age 50 times slower, though a fast growth at birth because yadda yadda. I have an Army Rank list which I’m pretty happy with at the minute, though it’s been rejigged more times than I can remember and will probably do so again soon because I think 2 of the ranks sound too similar – again more on that later. Of course i have my dictionary that I really am happy with, I will probably make a whole section about the linguistic side of it all, a dictionary in one corner and sentance structure in another. A theme may be obvious that in its current state it’s very similar to a cross of Latin, English and my own language. It needs a name and it needs infinite amount of work to make it as full as I want it to be. Hopefully I will never finish with it, as languages tend to grow. I have my “OLD story” which I want to put up on here soon, it will give a taste of what my first drafts are like and my tendency to not make chapters long enough, which I blame on my short attention span, I prefer 2-3 pages of great story and then a break, than 5-10 pages of filler and guff. They are needed of course, I also tend to misjudge how much speech is required. My old story never got a name and will use some characters/character names in this world, as guess what? Yes that is set in the same land as the one that I am working on now, though with different names to what i would assign now. Agian More Info Later. MIL for short. Finally, other than several false starts to my books I have now (some will be uploaded as drafts) and other guff, the most important file I have is the “timelines” MIL, of course however I do have a set section of what it is I want to write about, with x amount of key chracters in mind and they are by no means similar ages or have relatable upbringings (such as 2 of them being brothers from childhood). Meaning that before I can really do anything i need to work out when they will meet each other, then I can work out where that lands in their own timelines, and then I can compare that to the grander timeline and fit them into that. And then I can see what events they have cause or if they were part of seemingly irrelivant moments. I know this isn’t the best way to do it, but my end goal is to make to make the most seamless timeline, so that if you look at, say Person-A and their life, then if you then look at Person-B their life doesn’t contradict the lore, or what Person-A went through, apart from opinions and perspective, of course. Take into account that I have a list of characters who in someway majorly effect the world and/or stories just from a small few-hundred-year period. My list is currently at around 35/40 people long, and this isn’t taking into account small scale characters with a large impact, such parentage or siblings. *sigh* I’ve just noticed how long i’ve rambled and wish i could write as easily whilst doing all the nitty gritty upload stuff as I can writting about why it’s dificult.

So you skipped huh? Or not and you tortured yourself through that thousand word drivvle about some of the stuff I need to sort out *still only a glimpse at what I plan to do by the end*.

But moving on, as i said i would. I didn’t really plan this far actually, I just wanted to rant. *ahem* so basically what’s my solution I hear me ask? well, me, It’s very simple. I need to find a good start point for the site. I think that the Dictionary would be a great place to start for myself.  As then i don’t have to keep running a sodding Excel document (I will anyway). But for the site itself i think it’s not the best thing. Keep spamming updates isn’t the best method either. um… *checks my booklet*… Nope.

I decided a good tactic, before I made 3 posts in one day – all complaining about the same thing, would be to sleep on it and watch a bit of K-On (not in that order). It was a great plan and I came up with a great tactic, sadly that was to look into how to publish and advertise your book, and realised this entire blog goes against everything that is advised. Ah well. As someone great once probably said, “fuck it, I’ve started now”.

What am I even writing anymore? I’ll end this here, and I think I’ll start by building up pages and categories without necessarily putting owt onto them, and try and work out a layout I want just in the head-click-to-go-to-a-page bit.



My first post hit 1000 words. I decided not to cut it down, because I think having a good ramble really tells you who I am, and how I think because – even if it’s not completely accurate because I get sidetracked.

So in short, this will be bullet points pretty much, with a small explanation, just to summarise the First Post.

What have I started this site for?

To upload lore and snippets/inserts of my books. As a start point, it’s great for me to use as a wiki for my world.

What will I do with the site?

There are 3 main aims for the site.

1) I want to upload everything I do for my fantasy world (plural if I make another one). And use it to keep track of everything, and let anyone else who cares keep track of it all too – maybe look into some history of aspects they find interesting.

2) I want to make a honest blog. I will not always give all the facts, if they’re personal or spoilers, however I can talk about how the book is going and keep people up to date, hopefully posting at least once a week with updates, the core stuff will be as and when.

3) Combined this gives the overall aim. I want to build up a huge world with a decently detailed history, based off what actually happened, but also what each species/race believe what happened. This is a huge task and I’m completely involved in it. If I can get some exposure and people see it then it’d be amazing. As Tessa Violet said HERE, it’s ok to want to be successful in something you are passionate about.

4) Having a community that will give honest constructive criticism would be amazing. This is of course something that you aren’t meant to say. I genuinely will do this site as much as I can, with or without anyone keeping up with it. Like I said before, I will use it as a database for myself either way.

I was going to talk about other stuff, but I can save it for other posts later on, and the website needs to get sorted out a lot more. Why does time hate me so much?