I’m back

So in my last update I think I mentioned I wanted to get a post of my book up or something like that. Can’t really remember, it’s been a while. One of the reasons I wanted to post something big was because I knew that over the next week I would have no time. I was away for several days with no internet (the horror) and through the first week I had a million things to do for work, and worked 5 days 7am-10/11pm. Hey, I love it, but sweet mama I got tired.

The week after (this week I suppose) then I had a “post-production-blues” where nothing is right in the world. It’s not a fun feeling and theres no easy way out of it. I called upon some old friends and they helped a bit but I think i average 1.5 hours sleep for the last 6 days whilst still having to do all my normal daily duties and my brain did not function. I tried writing a little bit but it was completely dreadful. It hasn’t been a fun week. Saturday hit and I sat down and played Rocket League for about 15 hours and I can honestly say it felt nice to relax.

I worked it out that it’s my first proper day off since early-mid February. Well I slept better last night and I know that by the end of today I want to have chapter one complete. It probably won’t be and it’s still the first draft. Once that’s done then I’m going to release 2 or 3 parts of it to here.

Important to Note: I will carry on with this site again now. I know (as per) that it’s slow and not much gets put up, but once it gets going then it will pick up more. Life is a balancing act and my maculae don’t work properly it seems.

Oh final note. I’ve been watching Weezy Waiter (well i have for years but he said something that i related to). He likes to try and be creative and always be doing different things but he struggles with time. So the way he’s solving this is by doing exercise as well. It sounds daft adding more things to do in the day, but it does make you feel better as well as gets your creative juices pumped. Hopefully. Well I’ll try it with fingers crossed.

It is nice to be back – hopefully I’ll do better this time.



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