Time and Website Update 1

Hi. Me again. So my last blog post I mentioned I wanted to get something up on Tuesday if I didn’t get to right on Friday and my God has time passed too quickly for my brain. I did actually write a bit though the lack of posting hurt my heart so I tried to get a character profile for ‘Borke’, my protagonist.

It actually went well and I got the base line of it done, however the way I need it compared to the way it will be for here is a bit different. Ok I’ll explain as best I can. *ahem* they way I have it is almost like a Q&A or job application sheet. A nice long list of some questions, some that seem painfully dumb and obvious, however others which make you scratch your (my) head and wonder how much lore I will need to take note of by adding it.

But that is needed, right!? I love having all the information written down so that I don’t have to think in the long run. My memory is bad at the best of times, so these ‘obvious’ bits will 100% definitely be forgotten.

When I then decide I want to put it up on here. I can’t use that word page. a) it’s full of spoilers. b) A lot of it is shit that no one really needs to know about the character and c) It looks like arse. Meaning that I prefer it in a descriptive paragraph on here rather than a check list.

I just want to say, that I know that I do a lot of updates, blogs and All-round-nothing-that-I-really-want-to-do on here, but I really struggle with time and anyone out there that has created a world knows how much there is to sort out, and anyone that’s created a website knows how much there is to sort out. It WILL get there. One day a few decades in the future I’ll look back at this and laugh at me being worried that I hadn’t posted much. By that time I would hope to have written at least 2 chapters of my book too… er… wut.




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