Oh, I will sound repetitive soon.

I’m actually feeling quite down with how little lore i’ve built up since creating this site, not to mention the tiny amount i’ve uploaded. I’ve mostly stuck to my aim of updating daily (I said weekly but I’m obsessive, sucks to be me). I have around 900 words of my short book written, not including going over it and making changes and I’ve not even played my darling rocket league recently.

“Why?” I hear no one ask. Well it’s because I have done more work the last week than I have for the rest of April. It’s really piled up. And then in my free time I’ve recently rejoined an old forum I was part of. I like to change pace every now and then, even in small ways.

What about weekends Lemwa? You have them free though, everyone is free on weekends. Well first off, imaginary interviewer, stop assuming people don’t work weekends, but secondly and more importantly then I have stupid social meetings. I hate social meetings, but I have to do them every now and then. I managed to escape them through March almost completely, because I was going overboard with work (I REALLY like working), followed by a nice holiday. So now this month I don’t get a holiday, I get to be social *insert sad smily here*.

well anyway. It’s now a Friday evening. I should be heading home from work a few hours ago. I need to have some down time, but hopefully i can get a bit of book written. My aim next week is to upload another piece of Lore to the site, outlining the Character profile of my protagonist (based on the start of the book). And I will also work on some 4th age lore too, as that’s when this book is set and so far I’ve kept it a nice clean slate for me to vomit imagination onto.

Failing my ability to write today then I’ll definitely put something worthwhile up on here on Tuesday. I refuse to give up being active on here, but I also don’t want to only spam empty promises. Though I’m guessing that if you actually read my stuff then that’s what you’re here for as there’s fuck all else on this site so far. heh.



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