How do YOU write?

This is a question I ask myself, and if anyone cares to answer that’d be awesome too. Let me expand a little bit though…

I find it super-duper easy to waffle on these blog posts. I can hit 1000 words without having to try really, what I want to say has a point and I say get to the point as many times as possible whilst letting my brain run wild and sometimes I think my fingers just type words and my brain reads what they put and just nods to it saying “yeah, that’ll do, I guess…” But Blog type posts compared to maybe a more concise update (as I call it) or writing a review or y’know… a book,  is very different. They’re all different to each other. When I do my short updates I try to maybe make bullet points of what needs to be said and then right a small paragraph – say 2 to 5 sentences – for each of the bullet points.

I’ve never done a proper review, though I plan to start, just I don’t read as much as I’d like anymore, and I’ve recently wasted my time away in Rocket League, K-On! and I’ve just started Death Note. Y’all need yer relaxation, yo. But then the reviews and stuff is for another day, I’ll think on that one more, as I would be so inconsistent with how much I could do with them.

I went off topic again, sorry. *ahem* well Books. This is the thing that gets me. I love writing my books, I’m now at 900 words, for those that care for a snippet.

But as I see it, I have two separate ways I can approach this writing malarkey. I can sit down and spew words and then hope it makes sence or at worst, I understand it when I re-read it so I can edit it to be correct. Or I can get a bit of my lore and work my story slowly and carefully. If I do the first, then I tend to waffle or go on tangents that aren’t needed but if I do the other way it’s a really slow process and I get like 50-100 words an hour. So there IS a balance. I need to find it, but I am curious to what would go through anyone elses mind when they sit down to write. Specific conditions needed? Need any information or do you go with the flow? Music or film helps get you in the mood? Anything really.

For me I like having music on that I can play loudly without distracting me, meaning anthems are a bit of a no-go, and I like to have all my information around me for if I need it but I’ll probably not look at it. Indeed I more often than not probably end up writing a bit and then want to write up the lore about that, even this story I was close to not starting cause I can write about the backstories and the world all day, but in a story everything has to have a point . I’m also 90% sure that I use commas too much in my book but we’ll see.



2 thoughts on “How do YOU write?

  1. kathryn01ify

    I’m actually writing a novel right now for camp NaNoWriMo and I’ve had the idea in my mind for about six years. I’ve written it before but every time something was missing but that’s probably because when I write I just let myself zone out and type whatever I want in the story and then once I know that I’ve completely finished it I go back and cut out paragraphs and scenes that don’t really fit. I also listen to music to write because it helps to put me into a writing zone but I listen to only songs with lyrics, I like to sing along while I write and I find that it does help me to concentrate more.

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    1. selimwerdna Post author

      That’s the same as me, really. I suppose it’s generally easier to put everything down and then cut back than put bits down and realise you’ve missed something a bit later. Though by the time I’m singing along to music I think that normally means my brain has given up focusing on the book!

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