Borke Book

So I’m keeping this (relatively) short because it’s an update not a blog and I’m about to rush off!

But exciting announcement, for me at least. I’ve officially started working on my first short book. I don’t want to give too many details in terms of plot just yet but this is set in the 4th age. Way before my planned main novels.

It follows a character called Borke, who is part of a species that I’ve been building up a little bit. Again not too many details just yet. I now have 500 words, give or take, it’ll be a simple story giving a kind of snap shot into the mentality of this species without any major world issue happening (like a war), but it will effect the village and probably country/species relationships a lil’ bit.

I know this was like the worst update as I’ve basically said “heres a thing you cant know anything about” but I promise that once I get 1000-2000 words I’ll release a snippet and as it goes on I can give more information



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