Hey there, thanks for checking this site out. I’m going to try not to ramble… much! If you see something you think could be better, even super old pages then give a shout!

Originally this was a place dedicated to the writings that I was working on, most of the stuff would be privatised and secluded, so that I could use this as a database for all the everything I think of. Writing is a hobby for me, and I was struggling to keep track of everything hidden away in multiple computer folders, on two separate PC’s , as well as a few notebooks and a folder full of information.

I have, for better or worse, decided to publicise most of it as I go, such as the Lore and profiles etc. My aim is to post a blog/update at least once a week, they may end up being long rambles, where I talk about anything and everything(ish) – mostly book updates.

The main bulk of the site will hopefully end up being a Wiki-like site that has information on maps, people, history and general lore. I’ll keep trying to update that as and when, though I can not promise what I’ll focus on at any given point, nor can I promise how often I can update these as some sections take longer to work on.

I will keep maybe a section also for drafts of work if they change enough from the end product, as well as keep old concepts on here, as a way of seeing how much it’s all changed!¬†Finally I will post snippets/sections of work as it’s going, maybe to get some constructive criticism, but also as a way of showing how far I’ve got.

I’ve kept it as vague as possible whilst giving as much information as I can, so that I don’t have to constantly update this page. For now I’m going under the guise of Lemwa, and Silemwerdna just out of a privacy matter though I imagine that won’t last long, because I’m quite inept at being clever.


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